GPS Tracking shoe

2019-03-13 14:40:33

In the era of rapid economic development, businesses are closer to the technical.  The change is enormous in scientific and technological fields. The smart wearable devices have become a new field of science and technology current, many intelligent wearable devices began to enter the public eye.

Recently, a GPS positioning shoes, become the new choice for many families because of its positioning accuracy, innovative positioning as well as price comparability


This GPS positioning system uses a LBS + GPS + Mobile APP positioning mode. Traditional GPS positioning is very vulnerable to the distance, environment and weather. This GPS positioning shoes will combine GPS and LBS, re-use operators to integrate the three aspects of information, create information tracking dragnet. APP function is for reading accurate positioning information, this simple and practical design, making the shoes also reached the best features. Once information docking, two to six relatives can control the specific location of the wearer simultaneously.


The shoe with automatic thermostat function is an innovation on positioning method. Wear Ten minutes later, obviously feeling the pace to get the full point massage, heating time is very long, it can reach more than ten hours. Micro fiber leather upper with abrasion resistant surface, the toe is U-shaped toe design, lining the inside with the BK author will bend three hours, quickly returns to normal after release.


This GPS positioning shoes adopt double standard that take the high road international leader in product quality and innovation, the public generally cater to consumer demand for the price to go close to the people in line.


GPS positioning shoe is a gospel for people indeed, for example, the crowd suffering from senile dementia, they lost the chance is very high, but by GPS positioning shoes punctuality, his family can master it all the time whereabouts.  For some children, it is same as well. Parents can go to work and learn about child whereabouts side. Effective protect the vulnerable populations. “The final product project leader said.