Pet GPS Tracker becomes new invention

2019-03-13 14:36:47

Lost dogs and cats at home is one of the most reluctant thing, after all, not every dog can find their own home way. So Gotrack Limited invented this pet GPS tracker.

The pet tracking device is divided into two parts, one tracker, worn on the neck of the dog; the other part is the charging dock. The Pet GPS finder is built-in GPS chip, measurements 55*35*15 mm and weighs only 35 grams, so it will not be a burden to the dog or cat.

This pet GPS tracker is made of hard plastic. Its both sides have a rubber sheet. It can be firmly fixed on the dog’s collar. In addition, the locator main unit body has a waterproof design, so do not worry about the rain or the dog broke it soak into the water.

It need a micro SIM card to transmit GPS information to mobile phone or computer, so pet owners could find their dog or cat easily anywhere, no any distance limit.